Saturday, April 16, 2011

May's 8 Bunnies

 May had 8 cute little bunnies. We sold 6 last week and 1 will be leaving on Thursday.
Lilly,Violet, Daisy, and Tigerlilly are girls. Davy, Charles, Smudge and Carmel are boys.



Princess had Butterscotch,
Coca and Oreo

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  1. Hello Girls, I believe I may have bought one of your sweet bunnies in Feb 2010. He was a Buff colored male and so very sweet. He is a delight to our household. He fell in love with our Siberian Husky and would snuggle with her and play with her. Sadly our beloved dog who was 12 years old died this last month, and our sweet bunny is lonely. We would love to get him a new friend to bond with. Please let me know when you have another litter of bunnies ready for sale :) Thank You Tia Rich